God purposely put in us an empty space. This space is called an innate spirit that God and God alone can completely fill. God did this because, although He has given us free will of choice, His desire is for us to choose Him to fill that space. But due to our desire for companionship, sin selfishness, self-centeredness, pride, and the deceptions of Satan, we try to fill that space with everything but God which leads us to live empty and defeated lives chasing only what God can give us. We fall into the sin of idolatry putting people, places, and things in the place of God. God wants us to be full of Him first, satisfied with Him first, whole in Him first, in love with Him first and then He can bless us. So, If you are struggling with believing God, if you are feeling broken, if you are defining yourself by the world standards and not by the Word of God or you just want to grow in the word of God then this Bible study devotional is for you!"

Restoration Speaks Speak Loud Bible Study Devotional