If you are struggling with believing God if you are feeling broken, or defining yourself by the world's standards and not by the Word of God; then this Bible Study Devotional is for you!⁠

This Journal is to help you Unpack, Unload, Unleash, and Declare your way to living a Whole, Full, Restored Life! 

This journal is designed to be used as a companion to Restoration Speaks ~ Bible Study Devotional or as a standalone Journal for daily use. 


The Word of God will work if you work it. in the pages of this journal you will be:


1.  Challenged to examine the Word of God by observing what a passage of scripture is saying.

2. Provoked to interpret the Word of God by examining what a passage of scripture means.

3. Dared to ask yourself "What am I going to do about what the Word of God means and how will I appy it to my life?"

Restoration Speaks Speak Loud Companion Journal